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April 15th, 2015
Decadently decorated with 24-karat edible gold and faceted sugar “diamonds,” the blinged-out “Donutopia” donut comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and would feel very much at home in a jeweler’s showcase.


The over-the-top donut, which nests in a sugar bowl and costs $100, is made with aged chocolate balsamic vinegar and infused with ice wine. In making the batter, ordinary water is replaced with Bling H20, a luxury bottled water with a starting price of $29 per 200ml bottle.


The donut is also loaded with some other treats, but a spokesperson for Dolicious Donuts, which unveiled the spectacular sweet snack to celebrate its new location in West Kelowna, British Columbia, said he couldn’t divulge what they were.

“Otherwise, I think the baker might shoot me,” he joked.

The husband-and-wife team of Torsten and Jeanne Kaminski told The Vancouver Sun that Donutopia was conceived when a regular customer wanted a special donut to be at the center of his marriage proposal.

The suitor’s plan was to hide the engagement ring in the donut and then, once his girlfriend discovered it, he would propose right there in the bakery.

“It was such a happy thing that we came up with the Donutopia,” said Jeanne Kaminski.

“Each one takes three to five hours to make. The value of the donut is more than $100,” Kaminski told The Vancouver Sun.


Media outlets were quick to pounce on the novel story. A local TV news host seemed to be impressed by the donut, but wondered aloud how diamonds could be edible. He didn’t realize the “diamonds” were actually candy.

The Donutopia aligns neatly with the owners’ strategy to create a unique experience for their customers. "Inside [the store] is completely wild and crazy, a place to escape reality," Kaminski told castanet.net.

Kaminski has earmarked all proceeds from the sales of the Donutopia to help establish a soup kitchen in West Kelowna.

Top image via dolicious.ca. Screen captures via globalnews.ca and winknews.com.